Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear mama you have always been by my side
sickest thngs i do,which i always hide
when i cry, u also cried..
our lives you enlighten, our dayz you brighten
people say thngs abt me your never listen
and say she is mine
mama u have been so nice and fine
even when i made the biggest mistakes
you even caught me whn i tired to fake
u fed me and lay besides me..wide awake
sometimes i even fought
when others kick me out
i realized why u always shout
u made me civilized,u evn told me luk hot
thats whn i said,"i am your son.u forgot?"
hope life was like when i was 5years old
without ne worries,u helpin me whn i gt cold
SHE is my SON u say when others ask you
people who can understand u are so few
that sometimes doesnt evn include daddy
mama u so special,u mine and m never ready
to face that bad world,whn i alwayz had u as my pearl
u never show the problems on that face
whn ya angry ur eyebrows u raise
your daughter cant see you go nowhere far
she'll also get you ur fav car..
she promises she gonna make u proud
n she gonna shout ur name out LOUD
u gonna walk with that pride
i might fall be there beside
coz i cant imagine my life without mama
m so fortunate 2 have ya itz my karma
i wuldnt have been in this world
if u wuld have heard the doctors wrds
u wanted me to open my eyes
imaginin i wuld be the GIRL or the boyish TYPES
heres your daughter mama she can be however u wanna
give away ma life for ya..
i wanna thank have been so bold
mama u gonna be the same for me even when old
coz now itz ma tym to take care if u get cold
i jus wanna wish ya happy birthday
m urs mama,ur son proudly u can say........!!!
-Riddhi Kotecha